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Want to Give it a Go?

Don't wait to be asked!

Use the contact us form, then come along for a couple of free regular events and see for yourself if the Round Table is for you.

Give it a go!
Have a chat with one of us and we'll arrange for an existing Tabler to pick you up and take you to a meeting that's convenient for you. This will give you the chance to meet everyone and get a feel for the club.

Think about joining
Once you've been to a couple of meetings, you will become a "prospective member". This means you have declared a strong interest in becoming a member, and our members will spend some time explaining what kinds of things we do socially, fund raising events and the week-to-week rhythms of the club. This is the time where you seriously consider your involvement, and whether you want to join.

Take the plunge
The final step is then that you are invited to join, and are enrolled in to club. You will be presented with a certificate and a Table badge. It couldn't be simpler!
For younger new members, the annual national membership fee is free - ask for details. For everyone else, it's less than the price of half a pint of beer a week.

For further information please contact us contact