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Ascot Round Table 929

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Some of the things we've been up to. Click on an image to enlarge.
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014 Lego presentation begins - with a beer.JPG 028 Banner Swap between the Chairmen.jpg 036 A beer after breakfast - you know it makes sense.jpg 045 Bushy.jpg 088 The Hokey Cokey - or the Booga Booga.jpg 10052011062.jpg Ascot Heath - Cheque presentation.jpg P1010069.JPG P1010092.JPG P1210169.JPG P1230229.JPG P5300023.JPG P9090402.JPG P9090414.JPG PB180229.JPG PB180244.JPG PB180251.JPG PC1010507.JPG PC190270.JPG PC190273.JPG PC200277.JPG Quandam2.jpg

Camberley Firestation

Cresta Run

Human Table Football

New Years Wheel Barrow Races

Q's Chemistry Evenings

Sailing Weekend

Santa Collections