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When members graduate from Round Table, they are invited to join the Ex-Round Tablers' Club
(nicknamed the "41 Club") and continue their contribution to the Round Table Family.

Open to Round Table graduates from the age of 41, the Ex-Round Tablers Club came into existence to link together the clubs formed by ex-Tablers with the purpose of maintaining the friendships and connections they had made as a Tabler.

That purpose is still at the heart of the Ex-Tablers Club, but the modern movement also echoes the principles of Round Table: having fun, making friends, social responsibility, personal development and networking. Over the years, the movement has grown, and there are now 850 clubs in the UK, with around 20,000 members.

Many Ex-Tabler clubs work with their local Round Table club, supporting at events and combining social occasions. There is no upper age limit, ensuring that those committed to The Round Table Movement can continue to contribute for as long as they feel able.

For more information, including how to join, visit the Ex-Tablers club website.

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