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Ascot Round Table covers Ascot, Sunninghill, Sunningdale, Bracknell, Warfield, Winkfield and surround areas. However where you live does not need to be where the table you choose to join is based.

We also have close links to several other tables in the area, all of who are part of Area 25 of the Round Table of Great Britain and Ireland.


Maidenhead and Ascot Round Tables, despite some enjoyable rivalery (3 current Ascot Table members live in or near Maidenhead) have close connections and enjoy joint social events on the river Thames. Visit their website for further details.

Windsor and Eton

Visit Windsor and Eton Round Tables website for further details


Henley-on-Thames Round Table have in recent years seen a healthy growth in its numbers, with many community based projects undertaken, such as snow clearing around the town. Visit their website for further details

Sandhurst and Yately

For many years Sandhurst and Yately Round Table met reguarly with Ascot RT and enjoyed joint social events. It is with much sadness to report that SYRT is no longer operating. However Ascot RT is pleased to extend its invitation to anyone who is a passed member of SYRT or lives in the area that it used to cover.

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